The Amazing Olaplex chemistry has never been seen before, it is simply the best on the market and opens up brand new possibilities in hair colour variations.

Envy have invested into Olaplex since the very beginning and we were one of the first UK salons to stock and use Olaplex and the results we have seen have been outstanding.

Until Olpalex nothing has been able to actually re link the broken bonds



With a whole host of A list Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez to name a few using this revolutionary product its no wonder Olaplex is now the leading brand name that repairs hair damaged by heat, colour and other treatments including environmental damage, perms and many other damaging processes



Allowing colourists to push the boundaries on creating colour changes, without damaging the integrity of the hair this product can be used in lighteners, base colours, glosses and all types of hair extensions from virgin hair to compromised chemically and can also be used on keratin bonds/rings/links/braid in and taped in hair.

The In salon service allows your hairdresser to rebuild strength structure and integrity of your hair

This can be done before and/or after a chemical process or simply just as a stand alone treatment

The At home service helps you to repair and maintain strong healthy hair in-between your salon visits as it continues to rebuild the bonds.

The look and feel Olaplex can help you to create is simply quite amazing

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