Beauty Works Hair Extensions

We are pleased to introduce the only ‘Brand’ hair extensions we are willing to put our name and reputation to using –  the Beauty Works range of luxury affordable hair extensions.
Colours from light blond to black.  Also colour blends available
Double Drawn
Life span approx 6 months
bulk, i/stick tips, flat tip bonds, machine stitched weft.

Please note
There are much lower grades of human hair available elsewhere which is not cuticle intact or aligned the correct way, this means it will tangle and go knotty within a few washes.
These lower grades have usually started off much thicker than our hair, jet black in colour and so have been acid dipped and cuticle stripped to make it finer then been stripped of colour and dyed/bleached, as all this causes considerable damage to the hair it is then silicone coated so when you buy it it feels incredibly soft and silky, just the same as expensive hair but after 2 or 3 washes when the silicone has been washed off you are left with a knot of tangled dry hair. Cheap hair is cheap for a reason.  Great for a quick fix perhaps but not for long term use.