Envy Colour Services

Our Highly trained professionals and hair colour specialists are passionate about colour and creative colouring techniques, we guarantee that no matter what your colour requirements are we will offer an honest and in-depth discussion re your end target result

We will always offer every client a free consultation in which we discuss how to achieve your colour requirement specific to your individual hair needs, taking into account your hair history and application and colour services needed.
We insist on a colour patch test to be carried out 24-48 hours prior to any colour service.

Fully trained, experienced and with constant on going education with both Wella and Matrix professional academies alongside various selected professional training days with Global leading experts brands and stylists we keep our team up to date with the latest trends and techniques and cover all aspects of hair colours from colour correction, Balayage, Babylites, Root regrowth and full head colours and highlights to the latest vibrant and neon colours and pastel shades.
We love being creative and nowadays more than ever we can be ultra creative with colour and fashion allows our creative side to flow.

While Offering our clients a whole spectrum of colour services we prefer to start your colour journey with a free consultation with one of our colour experts at which point we will establish your lifestyle, colour desires, application methods, hair condition and hair history, and we will give you an honest opinion on what we can safely create and in what time frames. Please be aware it may take more than one appointment to create the hair colour you desire this is dependent on many factors to do with your own hair structure.

Root Regrowth and Full colours

No matter what colour you are or wish to be our team will help you to achieve it, whether it be a root regrowth, touch up to match your existing colour or a complete colour change or colour correction our Wella or Matrix colours will create not just the perfect colour but also optimum shine and condition of your hair.

High & Lowlights

Used every day across the world this technique will help to create depth, lightening and shading to your hair with multiple tones and shades achievablewith undoubtable precision. It is without a doubt one of the most popular techniques used world wide and creates the most amazing results time after time, woven or sliced in abstract form through the hair. This method allows for many different high/lowlight and shades and tones to be added at any one time . Creating natural finer sections or bolder more creative sections is what makes this an Envy Salon favourite.

Half /Part Head

Perfectly placed uniquely to each clients requirements to create the perfect placement of colour, tone or lightening needed. These could be scattered throughout the head or placed more densely towards certain areas in which is needed to create the end result required.

Full head High & Low Lights

Creating a Full head of highlights/ lowlights etc is perfect for creating a new look, adding what ever colours tones and highlights you need these are perfect for adding many different colours through your hair in one appointment They are placed throughout the entire hair for the most sought after choice enabling the client to tie their hair up without any noticeable change of colour.

Creative Freehand and Balayage

Our most Popular technique introduced since late 2014 at Envy our Balayage has completely overtaken the popular Ombre and Dip dye techniques.
Balayage creates softer highlighted tones and sun kissed flowing styles fuller following colours are created by our skilled stylists working freehand with colours and lightening to create individually flowing blends creating sun kissed styles or more bolder changes and blends in colour. Softening and blending the hair colour at the roots in the process This is our No.1 in Salon colour technique and we do not see any sign of it disappearing any time soon


Very small slices of colour are added through out to create subtle, ultra-thin highlights and are perfect for women who want a beautiful effect without looking like they ever even went to the salon in the first place. Softening and blending the hair colour at the roots in the process

Vibrants and Pastels

Absolutely on trend right now is being bold and daring with your colour, for those with a need to fulfil their hair dreams and thinking out side the box of the usual hair colouring techniques and colours. Be different be daring be you! from bright vibrant and neon shades to pastels and a sky tones mixing colours up together there really are no boundaries to this technique Be as daring as you like – we dare you.

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