Envy Dark to blond

If you have made the choice to go from Black, dark brown or brunette to medium to light blonde, then you need to know that this is not an easy process and most definitely will not be achieved in one process, it may take several services to lighten your hair safely maintaining the health and structure of your hair. Each service is chargeable as it not only takes your stylist time but also the cost of products so you must understand the possible costs before you decide to embark on this journey.

As qualified experienced colourists we will explain in detail what is to be expected, and you as the client will need to be aware that there will most definitely be in-between stages of colour that you have to persevere with before you reach your desired end result. So you may need to live with an in-between colour for a while . Colour does not and will not lift colour thats is a FACT! That is why it is important to gradually and safely have your hair lightened by a trained professional. Only lightening with remove colour.

Going blonde for any hair whether that hair has been previously coloured or not will require lightening to remove colour from your hair. Your hair will need to be in good condition If you hair is severely damaged your stylist may refuse to lighten your hair as it may not be in your hairs best interest to do so. Would you rather have healthy shiny hair or dull and damaged hair?

Please trust your stylist if they advise against going lighter, if they are experienced professionals they will be thinking of your hair, other stylists may offer to lighten your hair but you could end up with dry damaged and in most cased breakage of hair and that is something we would never want to cause.
Thats not to say that performed correctly over time you cannot lighten your hair as you most likely can, that way it can be achieved safely.


Getting to your end result may take several appointments and a whole lot of time so be realistic and realise it may take several visits to the salon and appointment lasting 4-6 hours each time. Our aim is to not only reach your desired colour but to also maintain the health structure and shine of your hair so you can wear it with pride. If a stylist tells you they can take you from Dark to light blonde in one go leave and run as fast as you can and do not look back. It is better to go through the process gradually and end up with the desired end blonde that is healthy than your hair snapping off due to being over processed.


Being blonde does not come cheap, not only the lightening process but the upkeep of roots and toners need to be considered.
Dark hair will naturally lift to warmer tones especially if old box colours have been applied, and these may cause patchiness and uneven lightening.
You are most definitely not going to be an ash blonde on your first visit, this will only be achievable when you have reached the required blonde shade.

A consultation is key and a definite must, in this you can have an in-depth chat with your stylist about your hairs previous history, and your stylist can assess the condition of your hair and what you would like to achieve with your hair. Your stylist will give you an approximate idea of what is involved, please be aware that this is an approximate and depends on each individuals process.

Depending on what your process entails it could be that you need 1-4 services, we will recommend after each service the down town needed between each lightening service, are all chargeable Toners may be needed to create the correct tones , lightening will only remove pigment from hair to create lighter hair , but tones will remove warmth, add warmth and also to add other tones, the most popular tone currently being ash tones.

There is also the cost of investing into good products that will keep your blonde hair looking and feeling amazing and healthy.


If you have decided you still want to be blonde definitely do it with a professional hairstylist that way it will be achieved successfully, trying to go DIY blonde will always have set backs, uneven lightening and may even damage or break your hair.

Be honest in your consultation about your previous colours/lightening and hair history, we need to know everything to assess the best way forward in setting off on your lightening journey

Prepare your hair – It never to early to start preparing your hair for the lightening process, products such as Olaplex will help to restructure and re strengthen your hair. This can be applied as an in salon treatment and also can be applied at home using the no.3 treatment Also deep condition and nourish your hair, feed you hair with amazing products like you would your skin,

When you visit the salon for your services arrive with clean dry hair.
We will highlight and lighten in an array of different techniques dependent on what each clients hair presents and what results we want to create. Hair texture, previous history will also be a determining factor

Once your desired colour is achieved you are then faced with the up keep to maintain its perfection sin colour and health. A good Deep conditioning treatment and hair masque recommended by your stylist will help massively Keeping the light blonde from going brassy, or warm will require the correct products, also a purple shampoo will help although be careful not to dry out your hair as these type of products can make hair dry

A glaze / Gloss Toner in-between appointments will help to seal/lock in colour and shine for an approx 4-6 weeks and creates softer hair.

Try to Shampoo less as this removes colour / tones / gloss from hair

Invest in your hair and it will put a huge smile on your face and make you feel a million dollars,

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