When it comes to choosing hair, Price will vary greatly based on the quality of the hair, as well as the desired quantity for thickness and length. Virgin Russian is one of the most expensive grades chemically untouched available in natural colours light brown to black, but at Envy we are famous for our Luxury Coloured Russian hair which we import in its pure raw state and then delicately colour to match our specific colour chart. We have been using this hair for over 15 years and it is simply untouchable for quality and price. Superior Remy is another grade we are well known for, this hair we import from Italy and Spain and delicately colour to a specific colour chart.
It is important at this stage not to be fooled by other companies offering ’So called genuine” hair grades which seem really cheap, in fact too cheap and although they will feel great at first they simply do not last. Our hair grades are tried and tested since 1997, Our experience in this industry is second to NONE.

Whatever your needs or desires we are here to help and advise, whether its just a half head to add volume to thin flyaway hair, or 3/4, full or extra full to lengthen and thicken your hair to create a whole new style our experienced stylists will help to make your dreams of Luxurious hair possible