Secret Systems Wigs and Pieces

For over 22 years we have had the pleasure of helping many people
with an array of hair problems, helping to hide small patches of thinning/balding hair, to part/ Alopecia Totalisor working with a client over coming chemotherapy. What every your hair problem large or small contact us to help you.

We can design and fit our bespoke secret systems designed to hide the problem area without the need for a full wig giving you hair freedom, Systems that can be attached and removed every day and also pieces that can be fitted permenantely for 6 weeks

Alternatively if it is a full wig you require then we offer an array of beautiful Wig types to perfectly match each individuals need, We offer a quick product order service or hand made bespoke service also

All available in different hair grades to suit your budget

*Bookings can be In Salon or / or in our private room or in the privacy of your own home.

All our Wigs, pieces and secret system are available in an array of fittings choices, hair grade options, lengths andand texture and also colour choices too, after all this about designing something for you uniquely, that is why we encourage you to make an appointment with our Wig specialist and see why our service will feel personal to you.

We also offer private bookings in the comfort of your one home.


Remy Range from £360+
Elite Range from £650+
Luxury Range from £950+
Virgin Russian range from £2500+
Top pieces Custom made fitted section pieces enhancers
Remy Range from £250+
Elite Range from £450+
Luxury Russian range from £650+
Virgin Russian range from £1200+