Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

This finest quality Russian hair there is there is no better hair available than Virgin Russian, This hair is in its purest raw natural state and has never been touched by chemicals or coatings of any kind, at all. Each individual strand is incredibly fine and soft, and will remain that way for a considerable amount of time, hence it can be used many times over, if looked after this hair can last 12 – 24 months. When added to your hair It creates beautiful volume and luscious length,  It may be expensive but the results will last far longer than lower hair grades available.  If you want celebrity soft hair then this is the choice for you. As with all our hair the Cuticle is intact and the hair is aligned the correct way from root to tip. As this hair is natural we can only guarantee the nearest colour match to your colour.
Available in :
Single drawn – tapers out towards the ends
double drawn – much fuller and thicker on the ends
Colours available – Natural colours, dark blond/light brown to dark browns and black
To achieve light blonds this hair needs to be very lightened with chemicals but will maintain its amazing softness
When matching up for a customer it is important to point out that the nearest match will be ordered as this hair is natural and not coloured or dyed, so colours may differ slightly from any chart
Available in bulk, i/stick tips for micro rings, flat bond tips, and special order machine stitched and hand tied wefts.